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Screen Printing Supplies
Screen Printing Chemicals

We are committed to supplying the screen printing industry with environmentally green chemicals. MSD sheets are available upon request by phone or by email. The screen printing chemicals of the past were a petroleum base products, but today they are chemical based. Chemicals are not viewed to be as effective as the old petroleum based products, but the screen printing chemicals today are a lot safer to use. Much of the problem with chemicals, is they will leave a greasy feel, which is a chemical residue that can be wiped or rinsed off. If you have questions please contact us.

Emulsion Remover Emulsion remover SR-45. Quarts, Gallons and 5 gallon
Degreaser Chemical Kit
MD100 Degreaser Quarts and Gallons
Plastisol Remover IR-303 Used in the electric spray gun
Press Wash PW-305 Press Wash. Quarts, Gallons and 5 Gallons
Scorch Out Removes the scorch look from T-shirts
Screen Wash PW-485 Screen Wash

Screen Printing Chemical Products
A product used to remove dirt & grease from the mesh. Mesh that has been degreased will reduce or eliminate fish eye and pin holes. In the degreasing products, there are compounds that prepare the surface of the mesh to accept the emulsion, for better adhesion.

Emulsion Remover
There are three forms of emulsion remover, crystal, ready to use liquid and concentrate liquid. Emulsion remover is used to remove the cured emulsion from the mesh.

Kleen Screen Stencil Remover Crystals - Mix these concentrated crystals - (1 1/2 oz. to 1 gallon of water) for the most economical stencil remover. Choose any concentration you wish. For industrial use only.

Liquid emulsion remover - is sold in concentrate or ready to use. They generally contain additives to help in the removal of mesh stains and avoid the need to degrease.

Screen Wash
Used before reclaiming a screen, to degrade the ink before it goes down the drain. Also used as a haze remover after removing the emulsion from the screen.

PW-485 - Universal Press Wash that Dries Fast with no oily residue, so tape sticks easily. Mild-Strong Odor - screen opener for plastisol and UV ink, will clean anytype of textile or graphic ink. We like to dispense it with a 32 oz.spray bottle so you only use a little each time. It is also an excellent cleaner for the removal of platen or belt adhesive. Do not use with SBQ emulsions. 1 gallon / 5 gallon / 55 gallon

ID-200 Universal Ink Degradent - Soy Based- Environmentally friendly ink remover. Low odor Soy-Based textile and graphic ink degradent is drain safe and works well on plastisol, UV, enamel, lacquer, and vinyl inks. Completely cleans and removes residual ink stains so we also use it as biodegradable, drain safe, Non-Flammable. Very low VOC levels (Califorina Compliant). 1 gallon / 5 gallon / 55 gallon

Press Wash Suggestion-PW-305
PW-305 will perform as a great textile press wash when changing colors between jobs, and/or as a screen opener for continuous printing. With some inks, this product will protect the fabric from deep stains or ghosting from the image print. Use at full strength for the best results.

Plastisol RemoverUsed in an electric spray gun, to remove cured or uncured plastisols from a fabric. This item saves the shirts that fingers with ink on them, ruin.

IR-303 Premium Spot Ink Remover -
Remover For Cured Plastisol And Other Screen Printing Soils.

Plastisol Remover Gun

Screen Opener
Aerosol Screen Opener & Clog Buster
Powerful aerosol screen-opener that can be used at the press. A quick spray and the toughest clogs are easily wiped out. Also great as a platen adhesive remover.

12 cans case available

Scorch Remover

Removes light scorching on colors or whites, cotton or polyester. The scorch is removed with oxidation, not bleach. Spray a small amount on the scorched area and run it through the dryer.

16 Oz. Bottles