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Silk Screen Printing Emulsion Remover

Emulsion Remover

Ready to use emulsion remover - is a ready to use product that is easily shipped by UPS. This emulsion remover is specially formulated to remove the emulsion and prepare the mesh for recoating. Click here for instructions

Lawson SR-45 Stencil Remover - 1 Gallon. Concentrated liquid you can mix up to 1:4 with your water for removing direct emulsion stencils, capillary film or direct/indirect stencils. Ideal for direct use or in dip tanks. We add mesh degreaser, so when you rinse, you're ready to coat as soon as it's dry!

We are committed to supplying the screen printing industry with environmentally green chemicals. MSD sheets are available upon request by phone or by email. The screen printing chemicals of the past were a petroleum base products, but today they are chemical based. Chemicals are not viewed to be as effective as the old petroleum based products, but the screen printing chemicals today are a lot saver to use. Much of the problem with chemicals, is they will leave a greasy feel, which is a chemical residue that can be wiped or rinsed off. If you have questions please contact us.

Newbies For those of you who have just started screen printing, emulsion remover is used to remove the emulsion you put on the mesh. (Click Here) for emulsion remover instructions.