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Screen Printing Frames

CLICK HERE FOR Aluminum 23X31

CLICK HERE FOR Aluminum 20X24

We have a large inventory of aluminum screen printing frames and prestretched aluminum screen printing screens ready for same day shipping. The initial cost of aluminum frames are about $5 to $6 more than the initial cost of wood frames. When the cost of an aluminum frame is spread out over the life of the frame, the cost of the aluminum frame is a great business decision. Aluminum frames will last 20 times or more than the life of a wood frame. For longer life and easy clean up Aluminum Screens is your answer. We mark the mesh size and frame size on the aluminum before we glue the mesh to the frame. This way you will know the frame information until the mesh is removed for Re-Meshing which we do here at Ryan Screen Supply.

buy aluminum

Wood Screens

wood screen with 1.5 by 1.5 bar double joint design for extra strength on a wood frame. All frames are water treated for protection.

buy aluminum

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