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Silk Screen Printing Blockout

Lawson Red BlockoutScreen printing block out is used to fill any pin holes or other imperfection in the screen emulsion after exposing or curing of the emulsion. Some screen printers refer to it as filler, hole filler, block out, or blockout pens. Tip on use: Let screen dry. Hold screen to a light to see pin holes.
You can apply the blockout with a piece of card board for wide areas, or an artist brush for pin hole filling. (See Pin Hole Solutions, if pin holes are a common problem in your emulsion)

* Coats smoothly
* Dries fast
* For use with solvent-based and plastisol inks

Lawson Red Coat Blockout. Water-soluble blockout that can be used full strength or thinned with water. Can be used in unventilated rooms since it contains no organic solvents. Recommended for use on all fabrics, with all stencil systems. Use only with non-aqueous inks. Red color.

Quart & Gallon

Blue Blockout TapeBlock Out Tape - Use this tape across the face of the mesh to prevent pin holes, or around the inside of the ink well to keep the ink off the side of the frame. If ink dries between the mesh and the frame, your mesh tensions will change. m We stock this tape in 2 inch and 3 inch rolls. Each roll is 30 yards long.